Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A lot of catchin' up means lots of pictures's the scoop. For the most part, these pictures are in order from most recent to ancient history. I didn't put explanations on all of them...but did on many...especially if I thought it needed explaining. I will try to keep these updates a little closer together in the future. Sorry it has been so long!

Joy and Elle showing off their latest fun...jumping on the couch with no cushions!

Joy wanted Elle to ride on her sweet.

Elle's little binky trick.

Joy loved her cousin!

The "Joy" of Christmas cookie baking.

Enjoying the Christmas lights at the train park.

I cut each of the girls' bangs...Joy's turned out pretty normal while poor Elle had to grow into hers...I think they are just now starting to look more normal.

(Elle's cut...thankfully she is too little to be mad at me.)

Papa's shoes.

Joy showing off her new jacket and mittens.

Reading with grandma.

Yum, gingerbread.

Elle can accomplish a lot with only 2 teeth.

An attempt at a family photo.

Our Santa picture.

Joy was hamming it up making these faces.

Ahhh...all the girls know the right team to root for.

They look like top teeth, but they are the bottom ones.

Yum, a sticker.

The fuzzy bee.

The cowgirl.

Halloween day.

First Starbucks beverage.


farmgirl beth said...

What a couple of cuties! Thanks for taking the time to post so many update photos... keep them coming!

Steffany said...

Oh, what beauties. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this. Thanks so much for sharing your blog address with me!!!